What is Tajin?

Tajín is a Mexican company that produces several varieties of seasoning products like Tajin Seasoning, Tajin Habanero Seasoning, and many other hot products. it is a unique, sweet, and spicy blend of crushed chile peppers, sea salt, and dehydrated lime juice. It is mostly used to sprinkle over fresh fruits and juices to give them a more sophisticated taste.

Horacio Fernandez, the founder of Tajin, developed the spice while trying to reinvent his grandmother’s sauce into powder form. He loved his grandmother’s chili sauce so much that he wanted to be able to carry it with him wherever he went. He discovered that by dehydrating lime juice and chili peppers he could turn the sauce into powder form.

Tajin Seasoning

Tajin has a vibrant red color that originates from chili peppers. It is easy to assume that the tajin seasoning might be a little too spicy, especially for those who don’t like chili. However, the contrary is true; Tayin has a mildly spicy taste that only adds to the flavor.

What Does Tajin Taste Like?

Tajin has a very distinctive flavor. It is the perfect combination of tangy, salty, and slightly spicy savors. If you are going for tajin seasoning for the first time, keep in mind that the flavor concentrations in the seasoning are quite high. As such, you just need a light sprinkle over your bowl of sliced fruits to give you a whole world of flavor.

Besides, Tayin is mildly spicy, which makes it suitable for people who don’t like chili as well.

History of Tajin

Tajin was invented in Mexico in 1985. Thereafter, it grew in popularity so fast that by 1993 it had already ventured into the American market. It was a significantly large part of the eatery industry until its popularity exploded in 2012.

Throughout the last decade, the world has enjoyed this versatile seasoning with more and more countries introducing it to the local market. Currently, it is available in over 35 countries worldwide. According to the Thrillist, Trajin sales have tripled over the last few years in North America.

It is safe to say that the overall tajin seasoning sales have dramatically increased throughout the rest of the world as well. After being on market for the last 35+ years, The New York Times wrote that tajin is no longer just a seasoning, but rather a lifestyle.

Best Ways To Sprinkling Tajin Seasoning Into Your Life!

There are many ways to add flavor to your life with tajin. All you have to do is maintain an open mind and keep experimenting with everything. There is no wrong way to consume tajin, as such; you can add it to anything you want.

Below are some amazing ideas on how to season your drinks, snacks, and even fruits:

Tajin On Fruit

Slice your fruits and sprinkle tajin seasoning on them. You can let them sit for like 10-15 minutes to absorb the flavor before serving. You can sprinkle tajin on any fruit. It 100% enhances the overall taste!!!!

  • Pineapples
  • Mangoes
  • Cucumbers
  • Watermelons
  • Fruit Salads

Get creative with your fruits. The most common fruits people season with tajin are watermelons, mangoes, and pineapples. Try out other fruits as well. Mix and match them every time, to discover new flavors. Fruit salads and blended juices are great with tajin seasoning.

Tajin on fruits
Image Credit – Isabel Eats / Mexican Fruit Cups

Tajin With Cocktails

Coat the rim of your glass with tajin when serving that margarita, bloody mary, or michelada. The spicy, lemon-lime flavor will make your drink a lot more enjoyable. Most cocktails are designed to be sweet; adding a taste of tajin gives the drink some well-desired contrast, which makes it feel even more sumptuous.

Tajin on cocktails
Image Credit – Steve the Bartender / Tajin Margarita

Tajin On Corn

Do you enjoy eating corn? Grilled or boiled doesn’t matter, you can use tajin seasoning by sprinkling it all over your corn. Try this and you will never eat corn without tajin ever again.

Tajin Seasoning on corn
Image Credit – Broke Bank Vegan / Mexican Street Corn

Tajin On Meat

For the meat lovers, Tajin is for you too! It is full of savory flavor that goes well with fish, chicken, steak, pork, and shrimp.  You have endless possibilities with any type of meat you choose. You can use tajin seasoning to marinate your meat overnight before preparing it the next day.

Image Credit – Tajín / Grilled Tajín-Crusted Steak Fajitas

Tajin With Vegetables

Sprinkle pinch-sized tajin powder on your roasted or raw veggies to add a little spice and a dash of tanginess to your meal.

You can also use tajin seasoning in your breakfast. Add it to your eggs, guacamole, and even hash browns. Any treats you may have could also use a dash of Tahin. You can never get it wrong with tajin.

Image Credit – Mestizo Mexican Market

Where To Buy Tajin?

Anyone within the United States can readily purchase the tajin seasoning from Tajín Website or any supermarket throughout the country. If your local supermarkets don’t seem to stock it, visit any Mexican department store.

If you are an online shopper and are worried that you may not easily access tajin, check out Amazon for the best deals including deliveries. They sell different tajin flavors starting from $3.80.

Are you someone who’s always up for a challenge, and would like to try your homemade version of the seasoning? Mix red chili powder, crystalized lime powder, and fine sea salt to make your tajin. Store the mixture in an airtight container and make sure to use it within 6 to 12 months.


This is extremely exquisite with fruit, but it is similarly exquisite with many other things such as meals, vegan recipes, snacks, drinks, treats. It is the perfect and most popular seasoning mix. This seasoning originates from Mexico but is popular throughout the world. It is a simple, yet delicious recipe that makes it the king of all seasonings.

Don’t let its rich red colors fool you, it is only mildly spicy. However, if you are a chili lover, there are a variety of other tajin seasoning flavors specifically designed to cater to the specific tastes you seek; extra spicy tajin sprinkles just for you. Get creative with tajin and bring new flavors into your life. Once you try tajin seasoning, you will never go back.

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