Hello Guys, Hope you are doing well. In this blog, you will see the definitive guide on tricep workouts with dumbbells. This is the perfect blog for gym lovers. So if you are exercise lover keep reading.

Just because your triceps have fallen behind your biceps doesn’t mean you should back off your triceps workout, said by eight times Olympia winner Mr. Ronnie Coleman. Tricep upper body strength depends on biceps and triceps; shoulder and elbow movement is relatively connected with triceps. You can also build your tricep with dumbbells. So Check out my “Tricep Workouts With Dumbbells” Guide.

Triceps begin from a peak of the shoulder blade and arm bone, covering the area of the back arm bone up to the back of the frontal bone.

Building a proper and well-built tricep became essential for the motion of the elbow. Increasing muscle of the triceps improves the shoulder’s stability and flexibility and enhances motion range. The triceps is a big muscle of our arm, so it is essential to growing powerful triceps.

Triceps play a vital role in elbow shoulder extension movement. In addition, it’s a contributor to the stability of the shoulder. In the same way, dull triceps affect shoulder stability. Moreover, influence the position of the scapula (shoulder bone).

In building massive triceps, you need to follow a proper workout regularly for months with a good diet. Accuracy of movements in exercise is essential for the appropriate shape of the muscle, and it would be best if you examined yourself while performing workouts.

We will talk about different tricep workouts with dumbbells to build massive and robust triceps. Some of them are crunches, dumbbell bench press, bench dips, triceps extensions, close grip dumbbell press, TATE press, kettlebell tricep workout.

Tricep Workouts With Dumbbells For Men

With the use of a dumbbell, you can carry out several dumbbell tricep exercises. Here is the list of tricep exercises with dumbbells.

Dumbbell Seated Overhead Tricep Extensions

Pick out a suitable dumbbell weight, sit straight firmly over the chair or bench, hold it tight with both hands over your shoulder and elbows near your head, lower the dumbbell slowly behind the head, and keep the wrist straight throughout the workout.

Breath in while lowering the dumbbell and breathe out while pulling. Start with three sets of 5 repetitions, gradually increasing repetition as days passes. This is one of the popular tricep workouts with dumbbells most people prefer.

Lying Dumbbell Tricep Extensions

Choose the suitable weight of dumbbells, hold it in both hands, lay down on the bench with your feet touching the floor; make sure that your back and butt should be straight and in contact with the bench. Raise both hands perpendicular to the bench, bend your elbow towards your head by keeping your upper arm straight and go back to the perpendicular position. Carry out tricep dumbbell workouts 5 to 10 repetitions of 3 sets.

Triceps Kickback

To do this tricep workout with dumbbells, Hold the dumbbell in both hands; stand by joining your feet and bend your knees a bit by keeping your back straight, bend your upper body in front to around 45 degrees of inclination and hold the dumbbell firmly by keeping your arms straight in a backward position. Now, move your forearms forward and backward. Perform 10 to 15 repetitions in 3 sets.

Close Grip Dumbbell Push-Ups

Build masculinity and core strength in your triceps with close grip dumbbell push-ups, this exercise comes under one of the best tricep dumbbell exercises. This exercise begins with holding dumbbells under the chest with a tight grip and pushing-ups. Keep in mind that the chest touches the dumbbell as you come down. Do three sets of 10 – 15 repetitions.

Triceps Dips With Dumbbell

Dips is the best tricep workouts with dumbbells. For gaining tricep bulk, this exercise is suggested by most instructors. Triceps dumbbell dips are similar to bench dips; a dumbbell is used instead of a bench. This exercise can form a good shape over the triceps and push 8 to 12 repetitions of three sets.

Triceps Workout At Home With Dumbbells

Narrow Push-Ups

This exercise is very similar to our regular push-ups to some extent; the only difference is the position of hands. In this exercise, you need to keep your hands close to each other and perform push-ups. Narrow push-ups generate a pretty good amount of tension on the triceps.

Tricep Bow

In this tricep exercise with dumbbells, you need to place yourself in a push-up position but keep your hands slightly ahead of your head and body straight. You need to drop your forearms down until touching your elbow to the ground and lift them after coming into this position. Repeat the number of times as suitable to you. For more massive triceps, repetition should be the maximum possible.

Forearm Triceps Extension

Another best tricep workouts with dumbbells is Forearm Triceps Extension. In the forearm triceps extension, firstly, you need to touch your hands by crossing them with a bending waist position like a downward-facing dog with hands must be crossed. Start with dropping yourself down till your elbow touches the ground after that lift, then repeat. For massive triceps, repetition should be maximum in number.

Narrow Incline Bench Push-Ups

This is a push-up type of exercise. Keep your hand close to each other on the bench or bed, keep your body in the incline position, and perform push-ups; repeat 10 -14 times in 3 sets.

Tricep Workouts With Dumbbells For Women

Triceps play a vital part in day-to-day functions like carrying, pulling, lifting, pushing became trouble-free. Our triceps have fast-twitch fiber. Fast-twitch fiber means fatigue quickly; because of this, building healthy triceps became indispensable.

Overhead Triceps Extension

Stand straight, keep your hands up straight over the head facing the ceiling. Bend your hand back of the head more than 90 degrees; while doing this, keep your elbow pointing forward. For better effect, bending movement should be slow and controlled.

Triceps Kickback

Kickback tricep workouts with dumbbells is primarily for the triceps head, the muscle at the back of your upper arm. Bent your upper part from the hip in a standing position by keeping your hip out. Hold a dumbbell in both hands by keeping your hands backward, then move your forearm from back to forward. Keep your hands straight backward with triceps, then move forward toward the chest.

Triceps Underhand Kickback

Tricep underhand kickback is a similar workout to triceps kickback. In this workout, you need to hold the dumbbell underhandedly and move the forearm backward and forward. While pulling back, make sure the forearm should be in a straight position to the triceps and must be stretched.

Standing Eccentric Triceps Extensions

This workout is easy to perform but very effective; it can build your triceps solid and healthy, and choose proper weight. Stand straight by holding a dumbbell; keep your hand straight perpendicular to your body. Lift the dumbbell, pressing towards the biceps from the elbow, then move back to the straight position. Repeat movement until tired.

Skull Crushers

Skull Crushers is for the entire muscle group of triceps with a concentric effect. Lay down on the back flatly on a mat, slightly bent your knees. Hold the dumbbell in a straight hand position keeping it perpendicular, then begin with moving the forearm backward from the elbow towards the side of the head, then move back to a straight, repeat it.

Close-Grip Dumbbell Press

This workout is similar to the french press; it looks like this exercise is for the chest but the triceps. Similarly, like the french press lay on the back on a mat, slightly bending knees. Keep your hand straight, holding the dumbbell facing the ceiling, drop the elbow toward the ground, then lift back to the straight position. Repeat it.

Chaturanga Push Ups

This is a yoga-type tricep workout. Chaturanga exercise builds your upper body strength besides triceps. Also, improves flexibility and range of motion in your shoulder. This workout comes in a high plank push-up position on your wrist. Drop your body down toward the ground, push your body forward from your feet, move your head up, then lift your body from the hip back to the straight position.

Some Other Unisex Tricep Workouts With Dumbbells (or Not)

  • Skull Crusher With Barbell
  • Dumbbell Bench Press
  • Bench Dips
  • Triceps Extensions
  • Close Grip Dumbbell Press
  • Tate Press

The above list shows some of the popular tricep workouts with dumbbells. Let’s see each one of them in detail.

Skull Crushers With Barbell

You can’t neglect your triceps if you want a bigger and stronger arm. You can carry out a skull crusher with a barbell; a lot of bodybuilders prefer a zig-zag rod for a skull crusher.

Also, you’ll need a bench, or you can perform it on the ground, too. To achieve a proper skull crusher, you need to lay your back on a bench without arching, and it’s harder to make an appropriate angle of your arm with the elbow if you arch.

Lean your lower portion of the arm back slightly more than 90 degrees, keep your upper arms perpendicular. Maintain some bit of tension in your back while moving the shoulder. While lowering weight, try to keep the elbow in.

For beginners keeping the elbow apart is a common problem; try to avoid it. Keeping the elbow in gives the best result. When you drive the weight back, shift your upper arm forward.

Dumbbell Bench Press

A dumbbell bench press gives the best result for strengthening your upper body. Mainly it is a chest exercise that also has a good impact on the triceps. Using a dumbbell instead of a barbell provides more range of motion.

Lying straight on a bench by avoiding arching, holding the dumbbell near the side’s shoulder, begins with pressing above the chest until the arms get in a straight position.

If you focus on building triceps, a dumbbell is the best option instead of a barbell. For performing a proper bench press, you need to follow some instructions. For people with shoulder problems, such as facing the palms towards feet, then facing palms to each other, it lowers the tension on the shoulder.

There are other forms of bench press according to bench position and holding grip, Incline bench dumbbell press, Decline bench dumbbell press, Alternating dumbbell bench press, Hammer grip dumbbell bench press.

Bench Dips

Correct exercising is vital to avoid unnecessary pain and get the most out of it. Bench dip is a valuable exercise to gain muscle in your triceps. While performing bench dips, properness is essential; because it uses very much of the shoulder joint such as internal rotation on it.

Keep your arms behind the torso as much as you can; try not to lower your torso too far. You need knuckles pointing forward instead of outwards. To avoid shoulder pinching, squeeze your shoulder and raise your torso high. Maintain the scapular tension as you lower down. The depth of your dip depends on shoulder mobility. Get up and straighten your arms if you feel pain while going for a dip.

Triceps Extensions

For building a massive triceps muscle, triceps extension is the right choice. Triceps extension repetitively increases the flexibility of the elbow against its resistance. Various triceps extensions exercises are Overhead triceps extensions, skull crushers, triceps kickback, triceps pushdown, tricep dip.

For beginners, overhead triceps extension is a better choice than skull crushers. Try to keep your elbow unmoving throughout any triceps extensions exercise. When your arms are straight, hold the position for a few seconds at the end of the stroke. Do not perform back-to-back exercises; it could bring you to a sleepy state.

Close Grip Dumbbell Press

Close grip dumbbell is an effective exercise for more than joints and muscle, called a compound exercise. Muscles involved in a close grip dumbbell press are the primary chest muscle, shoulder muscle, and joint, Tricep brachii.

Instructions to carry out during close grip dumbbell press are:

Holding dumbbells, sit on the bench, move your shoulder down back, and bracing the abs pull dumbbells together using a neutral grip.

Lie flat on the bench holding the dumbbell up on your chest, tucking your upper arm into the side press the dumbbell inward.

Tate Press

Tate press is an isolation exercise that produces deep stretch in your triceps muscle. This is an isolation exercise that builds strength and mass in your triceps.

Begin with sitting on the end of a bench, placing a dumbbell on thighs, then lying on a bench with a straight back; as you lie back, push one dumbbell; uphold it near the chest, then hold the second dumbbell on another side of the head.

Start pressing the dumbbell by extending arms and pronated arm position, then slowly bringing back dumbbells. Place the one end of a dumbbell on the chest by internally rotating the shoulder on the inside. Repeat suitably.

You can perform Tate Press exercises on the floor as well as on the bench. For proper balance, try to keep dumbbells close to each other. Tate press works for all three heads and builds strength to the triceps.

Bonus Exercise: Kettlebell Tricep Workout

Kettlebell Exercises For Triceps

You can perform tricep workouts with dumbbells either you can also choose triceps exercise with a kettlebell. kettlebells bring a new toughness to your muscle. Lay your back down on the bench with a holding kettlebell straightening the elbow, bring the kettlebell lower near the ear by making a curve from the chin, then push up back in a straight elbow position. For beginners, perform 6-10 repetitions.

Kettlebell Elbows Out Extension

Lay down on a bench with a straight back, hold the kettlebell in hand upon a chest, then extend the elbow on the outside. Flex the kettlebell over the chest and bring it back to the starting position. This exercise can be very effective when performed correctly.

Kettlebell Overhead Extension

This can be performed standing as well as sitting on a bench. Hold the arms straight over the head, drop the kettlebell on the backside, and pull back again in a straight-arm position. You can hold bells for one or two seconds when the kettlebell is at the bottom for increasing effectiveness.

Kettlebell Floor Extension

Directly, Lay back on the floor by slightly bending the knee and holding the kettlebell facing the ceiling. Drop down the kettlebell back at the head, almost touching the floor, then pull back up in a straight-arm position. Do not move the elbow too much to avoid stress in the elbow joint.


For most people generally, gaining strength to the triceps is very effort-consuming for beginners. All “Tricep Workouts With Dumbbells“, we cover in this article are easy to do and a strength builder. Skull crusher, Close grip bench press, bench dips, triceps extensions, and tate press are the exercises for people who want to gain muscle mass and build it more robust.

Workouts like overhead triceps extension, tricep kickback, standing eccentric triceps extension, Triceps kickback, French press, chaturanga push-ups, Close grip dumbbell press are likely suitable for women.

We also describe the limitations of exercise from which stresses can build and damage the muscle; this list has also followed those limits to avoid injury. We explained “tricep workouts with dumbbells” that we can efficiently perform at home and boost strength to your triceps muscle.

We describe steps of instruction for various exercises. In addition, we covered tricep workouts with dumbbells as well as kettlebells. You can hopefully use all the information from above and build your triceps muscle stronger.

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