This is a definitive guide to Albolene makeup remover and moisturizing cleanser. Furthermore, we have discussed How Does it Work for Weight Loss, Why Do Athletes Use It, and Side Effects of this makeup remover. So, without wasting your precious time let’s dive into this blog.


In 1885, Albolene was founded. Since its creation to date, Albolene has been a trusted brand for facial cleansing and moisturizing. People, young and old, have relied on Albolene to maintain their complexion and the youthfulness of their skin.

The brand has managed to maintain exceptional longevity and loyalty over the years, which is quite impeccable considering the high level of competition in the facial skincare market. Since its creation, the product has maintained the same ingredients and formula, which is probably the reason for its century-long success.

Albolene is a multi-use product when it comes to facial care. It is a makeup remover that doubles as a cleanser and a moisturizer. In fact, when it was first invented, it was intended to be a gentle cleanser for an infant’s tender nose skin. It’s made of six ingredients, including petrolatum, ceresin, mineral oil, beta carotene, paraffin, and mineral oil.

The most amazing fact about this product is that it has no expiry date! In 2014 Clarion purchased the skin cleanser, and continues to own it to date.

What is Albolene?

What Is Albolene

It is a liquifying cream designed to open pores and make the body sweat faster and more easily. Besides being a renowned cosmetic product, it is said to facilitate weight loss. While this cream has delivered impeccable results in facial care by giving the skin a young, radiant appearance, its effect on weight loss is still widely under debate.

The idea that Albolene aids weight loss started when bodybuilders and other weight-class sportsmen such as those in wrestling and boxing started using the cream for temporary weight loss especially right before a competition. It has been a life saver for athletes especially when shedding a few pounds could make the difference between qualification and disqualification for a bout.

Also referred to as Hydroxatone, the cream primarily functions as a skin moisturizer, but serious athletes swear by it. They claim that it is vital to aid the overall effectiveness of their workout routine. It facilitates warming up, weight loss, and sweating, which are essential during workouts.

How Does Albolene Work for Weight Loss?

How Does Albolene Work for Weight Loss

Contrary to popular belief, Albolene does not aid in long-term weight loss or even fat loss. It temporarily helps athletes lose weight by shedding a few pounds of their weight. When your body sweats, you lose water causing a drop in your weight. As a result, you may even look slimmer, but that only lasts until you drink water.

As mentioned above, the cream facilitates sweating. By sweating profusely, you can lose a few pounds when combined with rigorous exercise. You should however keep in mind that this is only a temporary measure since drinking water will restore your weight.

Which is unavoidable because otherwise constantly using this cream in your workout routine without drinking water could lead to severe dehydration. Weight loss through Albolene application is highly unsustainable. If you are looking for a weight loss plan, you can be sure that a moisturizing cream will not help.

The results last as long as it takes you to take an Instagram photo. As such, it is vital that you invest your time and money in a weight loss program that is likely to give you more permanent results.

Risks of Combining Albolene with Exercise

To enhance sweating, most athletes using Albolene cream apply it to their skin before wrapping up in plastic. This is a measure that causes profuse sweating to facilitate weight loss. Nevertheless, it is imperative to understand the risks involved.

Profuse sweating can easily cause dehydration, and in severe cases, it can completely mess up your electrolyte balance. Consequently, this imbalance can interfere with the normal functioning of the heart, which can easily lead to medical complications. Dehydration itself, especially when it is severe, can be life-threatening.

If you have been using albolene makeup remover in your workout routine, look out for such dehydration symptoms as confusion, rapid breathing, fainting, lightheadedness, rapid heartbeat, and shock. Furthermore, all cosmetic products should not be used for purposes they were not intended for.

Does Albolene Burn Belly Fat?

Does Albolene Burn Belly Fat

No. It only helps your body lose water through sweating. When you apply Albolene to your skin, it aids in trapping moisture under the skin, which is a sure way of building up heat within your body. As a result, this leads to increased and more profuse perspiration, which in turn causes a decrease in your overall weight.

This is the only way moisturizing cream works for athletes. This is highly effective for them because they are only looking to shed a few pounds to qualify for a competition. They are fully aware that they will definitely gain back this weight once they drink water, and that’s acceptable for them because they will have already met their goal.

Albolene will not burn belly fat if you are trying to burn it. As such, it is advisable to discover and follow a diet plan and workout routine that really works for you. If you are experiencing some permanent positive results while using Hydroxatone, be sure that the weight loss is not attributable to the cream in any way.

It is purely a result of your diligent work and the weight loss routine you are practicing. Consequently, it would be nice to save money by using the cream as intended for facial cleansing and moisturizing.

Albolene Side Effects

There are quite a few side effects to incorporating Albolene makeup remover into your workout routine. These include severe dehydration and cardiac arrest. They are accompanied by symptoms such as confusion, rapid breathing, fainting, lightheadedness, a rapid heartbeat, and shock. The first thing to do is eliminate this cream from your weight loss regimen, and if you experience any of the above symptoms, visit your doctor without delay.

Why do athletes use Albolene?

Why do athletes use Albolene

Athletes use Albolene cream as a way to temporarily shed a few pounds so that they can qualify for a competition. Weight is quite crucial in athletics, especially for wrestlers, boxers, and weight lifters. As such, they are expected to be a certain weight to qualify for specific competitions.

In the event an athlete realizes that they are a little bit overweight a few hours before the competition, they are likely to use the moisturizing cream to help them shed some of that water weight, and in turn qualify for the competition. They are likely to apply the cream to their skin and wrap themselves up in plastic to facilitate heat generation before engaging in rigorous exercise.

Their weighing machine will make sure they don’t lose too much water weight, but just the right amount. At the same time, they will avoid taking water until the competition is complete, after which they will resume their initial weight.

What are the most effective ways to burn fat? 

Yes. One of the surest ways to burn calories is through physical exercise. There are many forms of exercise you can incorporate into your daily routine to burn fat. All you need to do is choose the one that suits you best. You can engage in strength training as a way to build muscle. This is a trusted as well as healthy workout routine for weight loss.

Running is also very effective. You will begin to see results at least a week into your routine. While exercise is very important, your diet determines the progress you make. Thus, it is recommended that you increase your fiber intake as well as decrease your calorie intake. Drinking enough water is important when you exercise because sweating causes you to lose fluids.


We all want to look stylish, and that’s understandable. However, it is important that we realize the value of maintaining proper health while seeking to improve our looks. That said, Athletes use Albolene as a weight-loss method just before competing to attain their desired weight target. 

You can also borrow this strategy if you need to attain a slender figure to attend a function or event. However, this cream won’t help you accomplish long-term fitness goals. It is better to engage in proper workouts as well as watch your diet.


1. Does Albolene provide a suitable weight loss method?

Your fitness goals will determine the answer to that question. If you seek a fast and temporary solution to lose weight, then yes. Otherwise, you would have to seek better, more permanent solutions like physical workouts and diet plans.

2. Can I lose belly fat through sweating?

No. When you sweat, you lose water. Therefore, it is impossible to burn calories through sweating. The only thing you lose is water weight, not fat.

3. Can I use Albolene to clear my stretch marks?

Dermatology studies have not found any evidence that a petroleum-based moisturizer such as Albolene can clear stretch marks or any scars for that matter.

4. How long can I leave Albolene on my skin?

Practically since you are aiming for short-term results, 30 minutes of exercise should suffice. While working out, you could keep the cream on your skin.