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Undoubtedly, hydration is a significant part of what we need to nourish our bodies. It has many benefits, including a cure for headaches, weight management, and more. Since the human body comprises 60% to 75% of water, it’s crucial to replenish this system from lost sources and hydrate with water, fruits, vegetables, or other beverages.

And, if drinking plain water feels like an errand, you could boost the taste by adding citrus wedges. Drinking various kinds of liquids other than sugary drinks is what you need to do to encourage hydration. Among them, citrus drinks are best, especially lime water, when it comes to reaping the benefits of lime water. 

citrus can spruce up many dishes, add a zing to salads, and give a tangy-refreshing twist to a chilling glass of water. Thus, if you want to stay hydrated and grab as many benefits as possible from hydration, read on to learn the benefits of drinking lime water. The blog will also talk about some appetizing lime water benefits for a change and the risks of overconsumption. 

Know the difference: Lime water vs. Lemon water!

Lamon Water

Although both the limes and lemons are citrus fruits, there’s still a thin line of differentiation based on specific characteristics. Lemon water tastes sweeter, whereas lime water tastes bitter comparatively.

Nonetheless, the nutritional profile of lime water and lemon water is also the same, except that lemon water contains more minerals and vitamins than citrus water. But that amount is almost negligible to make a difference!

Well, these citrus fruits have a lot in common, which, we understand, can become a trick to make the differentiation. Especially regarding potential health benefits, and nutritional profile, it’s almost the same except for specific parameters.

Nutritional information on lime water

It’s a must-check to see how many nutrients or vitamins are loaded in citrus.

The medium lime of about 67 grams contains the following nutritional contents:

Carbs: 7 grams

Calories: 20

Vitamin C: 22% of the DV

Protein: 0.5 grams

Fiber: 1.9 grams

Thiamin: 2% of the DV

Iron: 2% of the DV

Calcium: 2% of the DV

What are the benefits of lime water? [Including warm lime water benefits]

Here’s how a glass full of lime water could assist your health!

#1 Great for skin

Incorporate lime water into your regular diet and see wrinkles and aging go. Since it’s loaded with Vitamin C, it boosts the production of collagen, a skin-friendly protein to naturally smoothen and brighten your skin texture.

#2 Loaded with anti-inflammatory properties

Inflammation may seem like a common disease, but it may cause various health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer if it’s chronic. Do not keep consuming Vitamin C at bay if you want to treat your inflammation issues despite skin problems quickly. As a result, it prevents you from various associated diseases. 

#3 Protects from various kinds of cancer

Since citrus fruits are loaded with antioxidants, it prevents the growth of various cancer cells. There were test-tube studies that stated the suppression of growth of cancer cells in the throat, colon, breast, pancreas, and organs like bone marrow. To date, human research is still pending on the same subject. the fourth benefits of lime water is important. let’s see.

#4 Aids in weight management

The reason almost every celebrity is hyping lime water is weight management besides skin concerns. The presence of citric acid within lime water will increase metabolism while helping you store less fat and burn more calories.

To further add up to your weight management practices, it’s a must to have meal control and regular physical activity. And, drinking lime water on top of that is a good head start to a day. It’s good to suck a wedge of lime before meals too.

#5 Controls blood sugar levels

As limes are a good source of Vitamin C and low in carbs, they will help better control the blood sugar levels in the evening and morning meals. So, diabetic patients must consider replacing sugary sodas with a glass of lime water.

#6 Reduces the risk of kidney stones

one more important benefits of lime water is it reduce the risk of kidney stones. Because limes are citrus fruits, they aid in preventing kidney stones from forming in your body. Citrus fruits naturally contain dietary citrate that raises urine citrate levels and prevents kidney stone formation. 

#7 Loaded with antioxidants

Limes are one of the significant sources of antioxidants that further help your body combat various kinds of diseases. Limes have antioxidants called limonoids and flavonoids that significantly prevent heart diseases and cancer. 

#8 Treats foodborne illnesses

Foodborne illness occurs when we consume contaminated beverages or foods. And a variety of bacteria, viruses, and parasites are to blame for these illnesses.

Thus, limes help protect your body from a bacteria called Helicobacter Pylori, which can cause everything from stomach ulcers to cancer to salmonella. Food intoxication spreads through various foods, such as dairy products, meat products, chicken salad, improperly prepared dairy foods, etc. 

So, check your food habits twice from now on!

#9 Overall promotes hydration

When we promote daily consumption of lime water daily, it means we’re encouraging daily hydration habits. Although water is also necessary daily, adding a bit of flavor to your water won’t cause any harm but rather all the benefits listed above.

And, if you’re drinking warm lime water daily, it adds to the benefits of lime water by regulating your digestive system, maintaining an ideal pH level, fighting bad breath, and weight loss, along with the advantages mentioned above. 

Is lime water good for your health? Are there any risks too?

Despite all the good things we read about lime water above, limes can pose specific side effects if taken out of the limit. Eating too many limes in a day can increase your chances of cavities and can seriously erode tooth enamel too. 

After enjoying your lime juice or lime drink, ensure you rinse your mouth with plain water to avoid tooth decay or other dental issues.

Other side effects of drinking lime water can be the following:

  • GERD
  • Stomach ulcers
  • Tooth decay
  • Problems during pregnancy
  • Hemochromatosis
  • Sulfite disorders
  • Kidney issues, especially when you’re already suffering from a kidney ailment

You should also shun citrus fruits, especially when allergic, as they can cause symptoms like hives, swelling, and breathing problems. Seek immediate medical advice if you suffer from these allergic symptoms after consuming lime water. Despite GERD, as mentioned above, you can also develop other digestive issues like nausea, heartburn, difficulty swallowing, and vomiting. 

According to The Centers for Disease Control on Drinking Water, one should follow the 8 × 8 rule to encourage daily water consumption. This rule is suggested for water intake primarily. However, you can add wedges of lemons or limes to modify the taste of plain water.

Thus, the daily limit should not cross or pass eight 8-ounces glasses daily. So, you should note this ideal intake to reap the full benefits of lime water. Since limes contain acidic content, they should be best consumed in moderation!

How to make lime water?

How to make lime juice

After learning advantages of drinking lime water, there’s no harm in knowing the simple yet effective method of making lime water. And yes, it’s quick too!

Go through the following steps to make lime water:

Step 1: Slice limes into thin pieces.

Step 2: You can add fresh mint leaves to multiply the flavor. Take both lime slices and mint leaves into the bottom of a pitcher.

Step 3: Lightly mash the limes and mint leaves within the bottle to extract their juices.

Step 4: Add 8 cups of filtered water into the bottle and enjoy all day!

What will happen if I drink lime water on an empty stomach?

It is preferable to drink lime water on an empty stomach. If you’re drinking warm lime water on an empty stomach, it’s good for your digestion and helps you lose weight. Also, it keeps you hydrated, especially during winter. 

What about drinking lime water at night?

There are many benefits of lime water before bed. If you intake even just plain water before bed, it will help you get better sleep, weight loss, detoxification, and aids in stress management. The purpose of drinking lime water is to encourage hydration intake and increase Vitamin C levels at any time of the day. 

Thus, it’s safe even if you consume lime water before bed. Moreover, lime water is a healthy alternative to sugary drinks if that’s your habit already! Nonetheless, discuss your symptoms below if you’re feeling something unusual after drinking lime water at night. We’d love to help. 

After all, you will thank us later for including good drinks in your health regimen.

Bonus: Check out these helpful & healthy lime water recipes 

We have some healthy and helpful lime water recipes below to make your health regimen more exciting. 

1 – Lime water and ginger

Lime water and ginger

To prepare this drink, take a medium-sized lime, 3.5 cups of plain water (you can also go for chilled water), and about 1 cup of minced fresh ginger. Add the minced ginger, squeezed lime, and water into the container. It’s all you need to make delicious ginger-lime water, which you can modify into a ginger-lime tea!

2 – Lemon and lime water

Lemon and lime water

It’s as simple to make as it sounds! You must keep the proportion of limes to 3 and lemons to 1 here. Slice them up, squeeze them, and add the water into a container. Now, you’re good to drink! To make it even better, try adding some ice cubes also. 

3 – Lime water and cucumber

Lime water and cucumber

It’s a detox drink you will prepare, which can help you lose weight faster. So, take 1.5 lemons, about half of cucumber, two limes, and 4 cups of plain water. Peel the cucumber, and slice them. Now, squeeze both the lemons and limes to add all into a container. After you’re done, leave it to cool for about 2-4 hours.

4 – Honey and lime water

Honey and lime water

Firstly, we’d like to state that it can be prepared as tea too. And, drinking cold is always the option. To make this drink, you need about 3 cups of water, half lemon, half lime, and about two tablespoons of organic honey. 

Take a water container and put the sliced limes and lemons into it. Now, mix everything thoroughly after adding the honey. Then, you can refrigerate this drink overnight and enjoy it the next day.

5 – Lime water and cinnamon

Lime water and cinnamon

This will be a great fit if you suffer from any brain problems! The ingredients required are one lime, half cinnamon, a warm water container, and about one tablespoon of honey. 

The next step is to add cinnamon and honey and combine all of them together to make a delicious healthy drink. You have the option to refrigerate the lime juice before you enjoy it chilled!

Final Words

Considering lime water may be a good alternative if you’ve trouble maintaining the required hydration level each day. It helps boost your hydration habit and gives you the ultimate benefits of lime water by curing your headaches and digestive issues, enticing your taste buds, and more. Furthermore, this drink is easy to prepare, and everyone can easily add it to their health regimen.

Some Useful FAQs

Q.1 When should I drink lime water?

You should drink warm lime water on an empty stomach which will further aid in improving your digestion. It also helps lose weight, and you can add a little bit of honey to speed up the process.

Q. 2 Does lime water detox your body?

Lime water or lemon water has the potential to detoxify your body. It cleanses your kidney, liver, and blood and boosts your energy levels.

Q. 3 Is it OK to drink lime water every day?

Yes, drinking daily to get the benefits of lime water is suggested. 

Q. 4 Can lime lighten the skin?

Being a citrus fruit, lime is a natural bleaching agent and also helps in skin lightening. Well, you can observe its skin lightening potential through various skin products containing Vitamin C. 

Q. 5 Does lime affect fertility?

Being a natural spermicide, lime juice contains a contraceptive substance that reduces sperm concentration to stop pregnancy.

Q. 6 Does lime stop periods?

Being acidic in nature, lime can encourage the delay of periods. Drinking lime water before the periods leads to delay and lighter flow.

Q. 7 What does lime do to your hair?

Lime contains strong antiseptic properties and thus acts as a natural hair conditioner.

So, here was the complete benefits of lime water. hope you like all advantages of drinking lime water.

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