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Going to the gym has become an order of the day in most people’s lives. Living healthy and staying in shape is pushing millions of people to the gym every day. Unlike in the past centuries, doing exercises is the new way of living for most people. This alternative lifestyle requires special equipment and a daily commitment. This blog focuses on the 10 best exercises you can do with a balance ball. Also, it will help you understand the benefits of blue half-ball and various exercises can be achieved with the simplest steps. To properly understand this, let’s begin.

What is a Bosu Ball?

What is Bosu Ball

If you are a fitness enthusiast, I’m certain you have seen this product. When people hear this term, they think it’s a full ball, but it’s not. A bosu ball is also known as a bosu balance trainer and is a piece of exercise equipment that is cut in half. This means that despite its word ball, it’s not complete and promotes half ball balance. In terms of shape, it’s more a half-cut sphere with a flat base. This equipment supports balance in people by helping them exercise small muscles to gain strength. It is also very excellent in promoting better body coordination, stretching, weight training, and much more.

How To Use Bosu Ball?

The primary aim of the bosu balance ball exercises is to promote strength and balance. Since it is a ball cut in half, you can use it in a variety of ways. For instance, you can stand on it, lie down on it, sit on it or just bounce on it to do cardio, gain lower body strength and do core body exercises. Regardless of its shape, you can turn the balance ball over for upper body exercises like push-ups, planks, etc.

For example, if you are looking for cardio exercises, you can take advantage of this yoga ball and perform side lunges, plyo lunges, over-the-top squat jumps, and others. Again, in strength training, it is excellent in performing squats, lunges with biceps curls, or even push-ups. Other people use the tool as a weight bench to help them add balance when performing various exercises like chest presses.

For flexibility, all you need is to either stand or kneel on the bosu ball dome. This puts you in a comfortable position when performing stretches like hamstring or hip flexor stretches. Because this can sometimes make you feel as if you are losing control of your balance, it’s advisable to use it while near the wall. This is important because, in case you fall, the wall becomes your principal source of support.

Bosu Ball Benefits

Most exercises are a great balance aid. This means that the more you use it, the more it becomes easier for you to gain a balance on the ball. It also helps the users coordinate different muscles at once. When you exercise using the ball, it stimulates nerves as well, which then helps your body function properly. Most gym instructors recommend its use because it helps in stretching, flexibility, toning the muscles, and strength training. It is also essential in rehabilitation services, i.e., training after accidents.

#10 Best Bosu Ball Exercises

Here is the 10 best exercise you can do with Bosu Balance Ball. 

#1. Split Squats

Split Squats With Bosu Ball

The split squats work to strengthen multiple muscles in your body. Such muscles include hip flexors, hamstrings, quadriceps, and glutes. To perform this, you need to place the bosu ball behind. Make sure that the rounded side of the ball is up and put one of your legs on it.

It is advisable to put your sturdy leg first for easier coordination and most people remember this. Ensure that your hips are facing forward in a proper alignment and that your pelvis is parallel. Gently, lower your back knee down the floor and bend your front leg.

From this point, lower your entire body, particularly your knees to 90 degrees. For maximum support, keep your front heel at the ground and slowly lift yourself to the original position. Repeat as you wish.

#2. Glute Bridges

Glute Bridges With Bosu Ball

Glute bridge is an exercise that is performed when lying down on your back while pushing your hips upwards. People do it to promote lower back health, increase glute strength and give you general strength. To do this, lay on your back and place your hands on the sides. 

Bend the knees and put the bosu ball under the feet. Here, ensure that the bosu balance ball round part is up, and then push your heels down. Lift your glutes upwards and pose at the top for a few seconds.

If doing this is hard for you, just remove one foot and maintain the other. You will have achieved the same result. Lower your glutes to the original position and repeat.

#3. Bosu Ball Push Up

Bosu Ball Push Up

push-ups are one of the most strenuous exercises and are not for the faint-hearted. They involve a lot of injuries sometimes and therefore if you are not so good at doing them, it’s advisable to look for an alternative.

Push-ups are exercises that begin in the prone position and are done by raising and lowering the body using the arms. Push-ups strengthen pectoral muscles, triceps, and anterior deltoids. To begin with, lay on a flat surface in a prone position.

Ensure that your chest and hands are on the bosu ball. For comfort reasons, separate your hands a little wide apart and put the ball’s flat side up. Assume a plank position and start pushing your body up with the help of your arms.

For maximum benefit, it’s advisable to lift your body until the arms become almost straight. You can pose for a few seconds if you wish or just lower yourself down to repeat the entire process.

#4. Bosu Ball Crunch

Bosu Ball Crunch

Crunch is an exercise that targets the abdominal muscles. When done correctly, it involves all the major abdominal muscles such as rectus abdominal muscles and the obliques. It’s very good at tightening the belly.

To achieve this, lay back and put the hands behind the ears. Put the bosu ball on the floor and put your back up against it. Move the upper body forward while maintaining the hands at the head’s position.

For proper exercise, it is important to keep the arms apart and don’t allow them to move inwards. Return to the original position and repeat crunches.

#5. Bosu Ball Plank

Bosu Ball Plank

We also know this exercise as front hold, hover, or abdominal bridge. The exercise strengthens the core by making it able to bear weight. There are various plank exercises you can do with bosu balls, such as bosu plank, high plank, decline high plank, and side plank. 

This exercise involves various muscles, such as transverse abdominals, obliques, chest, deltoids, adductors, glutes, and quads. To do it well, lay down on a flat surface and assume a prone position.

Then, put the bosu underneath your hands and then lift your body slowly. Since this exercise is also difficult to achieve, it is advisable to start with the easier one that involves the knees instead of the toes. Once your body is completely elevated, hold it for a maximum of thirty seconds or more and then lower it to its original position.

#6. Seated Oblique Twists

Seated Oblique Twists

This is one of the few exercises that work on the side muscles of your body. The exercises primarily focus on the oblique muscles of the abdomen and strengthen them. When you do the oblique twist movements, you exercise all the muscles that handle spine movement, which also keeps your core stable.

Seated oblique twists may not be easy because they require a lot of balance and stability. You cannot do them if you have balance issues because you can easily fall and cause more problems. To do this, you are required to take the bosu ball and put it on a flat side down.

Then, sit on the blue half-ball, lift your legs while maintaining a V position, and also stretch your hands out. Slowly start moving your arms from left to right so that your oblique muscles will look like they are twisting. If you find this difficult to achieve, you can drop one leg and leave the other elevated until you are comfortable using both legs.

#7. Mountain Climbing

Mountain Climbing

This is one of the best cardio exercises. It takes a lot of energy and effort to achieve, but at the end of it all, it’s worth trying. Mountain climbers are achieved by assuming a plank position and then acting as if you are running or walking.

They involve thigh muscles, mostly through bringing one knee to your chest in an alternating manner. The exercise raises your heart rate, which enables you to breathe better. To do it, take the blue half-ball and face it down.

Assume a high plank position while keeping your hands on either side of the bosu ball. Ensure that your back is straight to avoid injuries and start moving one knee to the chest slowly. If you can go faster is good but if you cannot, you can act as if you are walking. Repeat this for several minutes.

#8. Burpees 


Burpees involve several muscles, such as transverse abdominals, deltoids, quads, chest, triceps, and gluteal. It is a full-body exercise used during strength training. To do burpees successfully using a bosu ball, take the ball and make sure its flat surface is facing up.

Gently stand while holding the outermost surfaces of the ball using both hands. Ensure that the ball is in your chest position and then squat down while pushing the ball down. Move your feet up as if you are making a high plank and then return them inwards towards the chest. While still holding the ball, stand up and put the ball above your head.

#9. Step Back Knee Raises

Knee raises are exercises that involve the central portions of your body and the lower abs. It exercises gluteal muscles, quads, hamstrings, and curves. To achieve this, take the bosu ball and flip it in such a way that the flat side faces up.

Then, place one foot on the top of the ball while maintaining the other foot on the ground. Press hard on the heel of the front foot to help you rise on the bosu balance ball. Again, try to balance the standing leg and pull the back leg towards the chest. Hold for as long as you can, step back and repeat the entire process.

Step Back Knee Raises

#10. Side to Side Toe Taps

This type of exercise engages a variety of muscles, such as abdominals, transverse, obliques, chest, and deltoids. When using the bosu ball, flip it to ensure the flat surface is facing up. Assume the push-up position, then hold the outer parts of the ball. Put your legs behind you and put them straight. Then tap your feet from side to side to make sure you engage the back and the hips. Repeat this a few times.

Side to Side Toe Taps


Including a bosu ball in your workout together with other gym equipment like an adjustable kettlebell, dumbbells can increase your workout results. It supports many workouts, such as burpees, squats, side-to-side taps, and others, depending on what you prefer. It’s important to remember that having back or posture problems can prevent you from using the bosu ball. The best way to use is to create a routine where you can mix and match the above exercise for maximum results.

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