Pedometer, you know the obvious use of it to count steps you took, but do you know how does a pedometer help people reach their fitness goals? Walking is the most common exercise performed widely by people. A pedometer watch helps you to keep a sharp eye on your health by counting each step you take.

What is a Pedometer?

A pedometer is a tool for counting steps you take and even measuring the distance you covered with a detailed time summary. This helps you to track your fitness and calories burn within a particular time. It measures your fitness by sensing your body moment.

It is available as a mechanical device, electric device, and a smartphone application too. Mechanical device literary work as a pendulum of the clock. The rest of the devices work in the same way but with a metallic electrical pendulum.

Waist Pedometer

How do pedometers work?

Traditional mechanical and electric pedometers you can carry on your waist to get accurate results as the waist is the center of the body. It observes the tilt on your body every time you take a step and the pendulum swings side by side to count the steps you take.

The electric pedometer has a metal pendulum wired to an electric circuit which counts each step you take. Digital pedometer like a watch you can see the steps you took and the miles you covered for the same.

In modern days you can get the pedometer app from the app store and track your fitness. Your phone uses GPS satellite navigation to track your distance covered and how many steps are taken to cover the particular distance.

Hidden Features Of Pedometer

Count steps and heart rate

Accurate counting of steps taken by you. Every day on average we walk around 6000-8000 steps. It counts your heart rate based upon your senses of taking steps and the way you breathe.

Time counting & measuring burning calories

It helps you to keep watch on your daily and weekly time spent on your activities. Let’s you know how many calories you have burnt while doing a particular activity. Helps you to keep track of your fitness journey.

Other important features

  • Track particular workouts time
  • Alarm
  • Clock
  • Show total distance you covered
  • Goal viewing & setting up a new goal
  • Track daily goal progress
  • Brief summary of past days usage
  • Give an estimate of distance based on steps
  • Inactivity tracking
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Exercise timer and Stopwatch
  • Calibrate with computer or cell phone app

How does a pedometer help people reach their fitness goals?

Grow your overall energy level

A regular workout helps you to improve the efficiency of your cardiovascular system. The more you are active your energy level boosts up and you become healthy and strong. Pedometer motivates you to maintain your workout.

Boosts your brain power & improve your muscle strength

A combination of regular exercise and a healthy diet improves brain power and activities. This results in a powerful learning and sharp memory. The more you are active your muscles become more flexible and strong. 

Encourage to work more

Doing regular exercise serves you happiness every day by releasing the chemical endorphins. This motivates you to do regular exercise and to see improvements in yourself. Just a simple walk of 10,000 steps for being healthy.

Pedometer Watch

Traditional devices take time to tie on your waist and an extra device to carry while running or walking, but how about a watch? Which you can wear 24*7 to count each step while even going from one room to another! Yes, the pedometer watch which syncs with your smartphone too and makes your tasks easy. We have taken a few of the watches for your reference.

Girl running with watch pedometer


Modern and widely accepted by people is a slim-designed Fitbit, which syncs with your smartphone and tracks your activities the whole day.

Helps you to keep tabs of daily steps, distance covered, calories burned, and hourly activity encourages you to progress towards your fitness goals. It is even water-resistant and informs you about your good sleep too.


A worthwhile investment in Garmin for the runner to practice hard and get accurate results. It has some dynamic features which include stride length, cadence, and the time you take on the ground with each step.

Lightweight and easy to sync with a smartphone to upload your accurate data. Modern Pedometer to track your calorie expenditure.

Pedometer App

Smartphones have many apps like calculators, compasses, maps, and what not? So why not track our fitness with this too! Yes, you heard it right, you can track your steps, diet, fitness, calories, and much more with simple mobile apps. Let’s see some paid and free apps which can help you to stay fit and motivated.

Pedometer Mobile App


Pacer is an iPhone and Android app to track activities, count steps, and more features in a single app. Available with free and paid versions, the premium version helps you to compare the data with your friends and family.


Yes! Fitbit also comes with a mobile app for iPhone and Android smartphones. This app does not require a wristband to track your steps. Also, you can log your food and hydration every day while managing your health and fitness goals.

How to select the best pedometer?

There are plenty of pedometers available in the market with different sizes, shapes, weights, and budgets. Listed below are factors you can keep in mind to buy the perfect one for you.


Check out the different types of the pedometer available in the market according to the features they have to offer as per your need and your budget. Make a wise decision based upon the functions offered by the pedometer and the price they offer to you.


You should see if the pedometer is compatible with your devices like your computer and phone or not. Only upgraded features are useless if they are not compatible with your devices.


Make sure the pedometer shows accurate details like distance covered by you, how many steps you take for covering distance & time calculation. Otherwise, you won’t get the proper result that you pay for and work hard for.


Keep in mind, you are gonna attach it with your body, so it should be lightweight and easy to carry while walking or working out.


Pedometers are accurate around 95% – 98%. It encourages you to keep your hard work up for your health and fitness. We have discussed different types of pedometers and modern devices and apps as well. You can choose a compatible way to measure your activities and keep track of the same.

Keep yourself happy and healthy with the simplest exercise, walking! For more such tips from experts for health & fitness, travel, and happiness stay tuned with Mainichi Coreal. Stay Healthy and Happy!

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