Here in this blog i am going to show you the best pillow for side sleepers. as well as i have discussed 5 common types of pillow for side sleepers.

5 Common and Best Pillows for Side Sleepers

Unfortunately, not all pillow types are safe for use for multiple reasons. For example, recent research shows that multiple varieties of pillows have a bad reputation due to off-gassing. Consider yourself fortunate as I’ll disclose the top 5 recommendable types of pillows in 2022.

1. Cotton Pillows

Studies show that most customers prefer to purchase cotton pillows owing to their breathability. What’s more, cotton pillows are hypoallergenic and hence more suitable for allergic people. Are you smell sensitive? Well, cotton pillows suit you excellently as it’s odorless.

2. Latex Pillows

Latex pillows is the best pillow for side sleepers. Pillow manufacturers make latex pillows from natural synthetic latex. The best part is that latex pillows support enough support to the neck especially hence safeguarding you against the misery of neck soreness.

It may intrigue you to know that latex pillows are breathable. Sleepers who nap with these pillows don’t have to worry about sweating in the dead of the night.

3. Memory Foam Pillows

Unlike most types of pillows, Memory foam pillows suit sleepers of any position imaginable. Are you experiencing back pain? Taking a painkiller isn’t enough! I suggest you consider using a memory foam pillow for a full recovery.

4. Feather Pillows

Manufacturers make these types of pillows from feathers, yet they retain a likable shape and design. I highly commend this type of pillow to side sleepers as it is adjustable and soft. Apart from that, feathers tend to retain heat as compared to other materials.

5. Gel Pillow (For Side Sleepers)

Gel pillow manufacturers use either memory foam or poly-fiber to make these pillows. That is the major reason why these pillows are not only soft but also breathable. That’s not all, Gel pillows are hypoallergenic and hence suitable for everyone including the hypersensitive sleepers. In light of all these facts, I can confidently say this is the best pillow for side sleepers.

3 Sleeping Positions Endorsed By Top Sleep Experts

Bizarrely, nobody gets due sleep satisfaction no matter how long they nap. In all seriousness, there are many benefits of getting high-quality sleep every night. What most people don’t know is that sleeping positions may interrupt your sleep.

In consideration of this, I’ll call your attention to the top 4 sleeping positions. Here’s a blow-by-blow account of these positions.

A. Side Sleeping

Men sleep on side

as you saw we described best pillow for side sleepers. Side sleeping on the right or the left part of your body. Studies show that nearly all adults prefer this position to the stomach and back sleeping positions. The shocking truth is that this position lowers snoring significantly.

The only drawback of side sleeping is that it may expose you to the risk of shoulder pain. However, this will only happen if you fail to align your spine accordingly.

B. Lying On Your Back

Sleep Straight
Image Credit – Cleveland Clinic

The back sleeping position is particularly recommended for pregnant women. Spine-health experts advise their patients to consider this sleeping position. One unique thing about this sleeping position is that it guarantees proper alignment and support of your spine as you sleep.

C. Stomach Sleeping

Sleeping on stomach
Image Credit – Prairie Spine & Pain Institute

Are you suffering from sleep apnea? It’s about time you started sleeping while lying on your stomach. Intriguingly, research shows that 7% of people opt to lie on their stomachs. I know for a fact that the stomach sleeping position guarantees multiple stunning health benefits.

Remedies sleeplessness over time as it enhances your comfort as you rest. Over and above that, this napping position dramatically decreases the risk of getting sleep apnea.

5 Proven Advantages of Side Sleeping

there are lot of advantages of side sleeping. if you are a side sleepers you need a best pillow. let’s discuss advantages.

1. Enhances one’s mental health

Most psychiatrists say that the side sleeping position enables the body to get rid of any toxins that may be in the brain. Constant removal of toxins from the brain minimizes the risk of suffering from neurological disease.

2. Grow pregnancy growth

Most sleeping positions like stomach sleeping may prevent proper blood circulation to both the heart and the fetus. That’s one of the reasons obstetricians recommend side sleeping instead. However, experts mainly urge pregnant women to sleep on their left side lest they experience a stillbirth.

3. Reduces deep snoring

Sleep specialists assert that lying on your back for a long time may trigger heavy snoring. Whenever you assume the back sleeping position you make the palate and the lower part of your tongue collapse towards your throat.

Because of this, these parts produce a snoring sound as you rest. To prevent this, it’s a better idea to assume a side sleeping position.

4. Boosts heart health

Here’s a proven fact, sleeping on the right side of your heart boosts the circulation of blood in the heart. Unrevealed to many, if you sleep on the right side, you create extra space for the heart, in the chest cavity region.

Conversely, stomach sleeping and left side sleeping exert too much pressure on the heart muscles. If you ever try this position, you may realize that you’ll keep losing sleep every so often.

5. Hinders ulcers and strictures

Both ulcers and strictures stem from acid reflux over time. Sleeping on your stomach increases the risk of getting a nighttime burn. On the contrary, side sleeping lowers this risk by a large margin.

Tips for Choosing the Best Pillow For Side Sleepers 

I) Thickness

The thicker the pillow the more comfortable it becomes. Everyone wants to lay their head on a thick and soft pillow. It’s obvious that the more comfortable you are, the better the sleep quality.

II) Color

Sleep experts opine that a pillow’s color has a psychological effect on people. More often than not, they recommend that you choose a dull-colored pillow. Brightly colored ones may act as an emotional trigger for physical activeness.

Conversely, dull-colored pillows prepare you psychologically to rest. That may be the reason why a pale-colored one is the best pillow for side sleepers.

III) Pillow weight

More often than not, synthetic pillows tend to be lighter compared to latex pillows. You may have noticed that heavy pillows are highly firm and hence relatively uncomfortable. You wouldn’t want to wake up experiencing sharp neck pains.

IV) Material

No customer can afford to ignore the essence of finding out the fabric used by the pillow manufacturer. Brilliant manufacturers use breathable fabric to enhance their customer’s comfort whenever they lay their heads on it. Over 50% of pillow manufacturers prefer to use cotton to make their pillows.

V) Pillow size

I am certain that you’ve never realized that pillows exist in different sizes. Larger pillows are more recommendable as they support both your neck and the head properly. I urge you to choose a pillow that best suits your body type.

VI) Favorite sleeping position

What’s your favorite sleeping position? If you’re a side sleeper, it’s about time you bought a soft and slightly thicker pillow. Contrarily, a thin pillow suits a back sleeper best for both comfort and health reasons.

Why do sleep doctors recommend sleepsia bamboo pillows?

Bamboo pillow is the best pillow for side sleepers that’s why all doctors recommend it.I presume that you can deduce that manufacturers use bamboo fibers to make bamboo pillows. Let’s now reveal to you why somnologists strongly recommend these types of pillows.

A. Retains heat

I know you expect to get the best quality of sleep whenever you retire to bed every evening. However, that can only happen if you remain warm throughout the night. What better way to guarantee this than to use the warmest pillow ever.

Technically, Sleepsia makes these pillows from materials such as memory foam. The sensational news is that these material designs heat thanks to their unique design. No wonder most customers opine that this manufacturer makes the best pillow for side sleepers.

B. Suits any type of sleeper position

What’s your best-loved sleeping position? In many instances, different pillow brands suit specific types of sleepers. However, oddly, Sleepsia Bamboo pillows suit nearly all kinds of sleepers such as stomach, back, and side sleepers.

C. Movable pillow fillings

In the majority of cases, a moldable pillow consists of adjustable pillow fillings. Recall that the manufacturer makes these pillows from memory foam. Therefore, such a pillow can meet your comfort needs much better than a firm one.

You can adjust the fillings accordingly if you feel the pressure on the head or neck is unbearable. Isn’t that awesome?

D. Bamboo pillows suits side sleeping

Tons of studies show that the majority of people prefer side sleeping over any other sleeping position. For this reason, it makes sense to choose a pillow that will support this napping position.

E. It’s relatively thick

Sleep doctors agree that the thicker and fluffy a pillow is the comfier it becomes. I am sure you prefer a pillow that will align your body properly. Have you ever woken up feeling more tired than you did when you went to sleep? We can blame that on either the pillow or the mattress.

The best pillow for side sleepers supports your body hence eliminating the need for endless tossing at night. That being so, you can sleep much more comfortably.

F. Highly breathable

A breathable pillow ensures proper circulation of air hence enabling you to sleep more soundly. Memory foam is a breathable fiber that not only retains heat but equally supports air circulation. Therefore, it dramatically lowers the risk of overheating in the middle of the night.

How does a good pillow improve sleep quality?

best pillow for side sleepers is import for quality sleep. let’s have a look how good pillow can improve your sleep quality.

1. A pillow aligns the spine properly

Proper spinal alignment is mandatory for good quality sleep. It’s impossible to sleep soundly when your neck or head is aching. Repeatedly, failure to sleep with a pillow exposes you to the risk of misalignment.

2. Enhances the level of comfort

Pillows help to offer the much-needed support for both the neck and the head. The best sleeping position is when the head is slightly raised, as compared to the rest of the body. You should recall that a human being’s spine is quite curved.

Therefore, a pillow aids in ensuring that your neck doesn’t remain too stiff. Because of this, you can have uninterrupted sleep for as long as you please.

3. Pillows shield delicate body parts

In 2022, most mattresses tend to be quite firm and hence can exert too much pressure on delicate body parts like the hips and the neck. A pillow helps to cushion such parts hence guaranteeing your comfort as you lie down.

Because of this, you can sleep properly at night before your alarm goes off the next day. However, you can only achieve this if you sleep upon the best pillow for side sleepers.

4. Pillow removes the need to keep tossing in bed

There’s nothing more tiring than tossing in bed every so often when sleeping. The more you keep turning in bed, the poorer your sleep quality gets. Sometimes, we can blame this on an unsuitable sleeping posture.

5. Prevents too much sweating

Breathable pillows ensure proper air circulation hence regulating your body temperature. For this reason, it reduces the risk of overheating to nil. As a consequence, you sleep much more comfortably with no risk of sleep loss before dawn.

6 Best Pillow For Side Sleepers (With Benefits)

1. Layla Sleep Kapok Pillows

Layla Sleep Kapok Pillows
Image Credit – Sleep Foundation


  1. Made from memory foam
  2. Has a beautiful rectangular shape
  3. Pillow fills made from pure fiber
  4. Adjustable pillow fills

Health Benefits

  • Can cure insomnia: unknown to many people, sleeplessness stems from endless discomfort. Since the Layla Kapok Pillow is comfy, you can sleep much more deeply with no chance of sleep loss.
  • Alleviates sleep apnea: this is a common sleep disorder that causes irregular breathing difficulty. The Layla Kapok pillow helps you assume a good sleeping position. As a result, you can breathe much more effortlessly.


  • Highly environmentally-friendly.
  • Soft and cozy
  • Breathable
  • Guarantees quality sleep
  •  Durable


  • Few color varieties
  • Out of stock in most stores

Where to buy Layla Sleep Kapok Pillow.

2. Sweet ZZZ Side Sleeper Pillow

Sweet ZZZ Side Sleeper Pillow
Image Credit – MyDomaine


  1. Has a removable and washable pillowcase.
  2. A sweet Zzz side pillow measures 19.21 inches by 10 inches by 7.09 inches.
  3. Weighs 3.30 pounds
  4. Soft and comfy fabric

Health Benefits

Helps one sleep more quickly: in all honesty, it’s impracticable to fall asleep until you’re fully comfortable and relaxed. One way to achieve this is to use the downy Sweet Zzz pillow.


  •  Highly light
  • Comfy
  •  Highly colorful
  •  Removable pillowcase


  • Majorly suits minors

Where to buy Sweet Zzz Pillows.

3. Brooklyn Bedding Latex Side Sleeper Pillow

Brooklyn Bedding Latex Side Sleeper Pillow
Image Credit – Sleepopolis


  1. Quite firm
  2. Relatively Breathable
  3. Highly Hypoallergenic
  4. Only Queen size is Available


  • Enhances correct spinal alignment: incorrect spinal alignment exposes you to the risk of headache or neckache. A Brooklyn Talalay Latex consists of memory foam that is efficient in supporting the spine.
  • Improves quality of sleep: sleep experts don’t recommend pillows to market pillow brands. Rather they do so to ensure that you sleep for the recommended number of hours. Honestly, the best pillows for side sleepers ensure you’re as comfortable as possible to fall into a deep sleep.


  • Brooklyn Bedding latex pillow is moldable
  • Relatively bouncy
  • Suites most sleeping positions
  • Cozy


  • Too extortionate

Where to buy Brooklyn Talalay Latex Pillow.

4. Cozy Earth Silk Side Sleeper Pillow

Cozy Earth Silk Side Sleeper Pillow
Image Credit – Grommet


  1. Washable
  2. Highly Mushy
  3. Can be Molded
  4. Quite Hypoallergenic
  5. Contains Silk fillings
  6. Available in white color only
  7. King, Boudoir, and Standard sizes are available


  • Suits allergic side sleepers: experts recommend hypoallergenic pillows, especially for allergic people. Note that the manufacturers use silk fillings to manufacture these pillows. However, you must form a habit of cleaning the pillow much more regularly.
  • Guarantees moderate temperature as you sleep: in all seriousness, too much or too low temperature makes it difficult to sleep comfortably. Thankfully, the Cozy-Earth Silk pillow is breathable hence facilitating air circulation.


  • Contains no harmful substances
  • Comfortable
  • Keeps you warm
  • Lessens friction during tossing


  • Not easily available
  • Highly expensive

Where to buy Cozy-Earth Silk Pillow.

5. Utopia Gusseted Side Sleeper Pillow

Image Credit - Walmart
Image Credit – Walmart


  • Rectangular
  • Polyester filling
  • Has double stitching
  • Each measure is 18 inches by 26 inches
  • King and queen sizes are available

Health Benefits

  • Incredibly comfy: Utopia Bedding tailors these pillows expertly with a double stitch. Furthermore, the fact that the manufacturer uses cozy fiber fillings and a cotton blend. Anybody who sleeps on this pillow enjoys the best quality of sleep.
  • Helps one to get enough sleep: Utopia Gusseted pillows enhance sleepers’ comfort hence enabling them to nap soundly. Ordinarily, you’re likely to lose sleep if you keep turning in bed at night due to some discomfort or cold. Therefore, beddings such as blankets, pillows, and mattresses enhance comfort.


  • Washable
  • Highly soft
  • Quite Bouncy
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Wear-resistant


  • Not washing machine washable

Where to buy Utopia Gusseted Pillow.

6. Viewstar Queen Pillows for Side Sleepers

Viewstar Queen Pillows
Image Credit – Amazon


  1. Has a rectangular design
  2. Quite firm
  3. Breathable
  4. Comprises of fiber fillings
  5. Striking gusseted design


  • Guarantees value for money: unlike other brands, Viewstar manufactures high-quality pillows for side sleepers. Firstly, since the manufacturers use cotton, Viewstar pillows are long-lasting.
  • Comfy: If you’ve ever seen a Viewstar Queen pillow, you may have noticed it has a nice and smooth finish. Viewstar uses fiber to make the finish to enhance your comfort as you lay atop it.
  • Helps to improve circulation: pillows ensure that your head remains elevated during the entire night. If you’ve ever visited a patient admitted to a hospital, you may have noted that their beds are adjusted a bit. Viewstar Queen pillows are slightly firm hence keep your head slightly elevated as compared to the rest of the body.


  • Unbelievably supportive
  • Certified by OEKO
  • Highly soft
  • Adjustable
  • Product warranty


  • Too heavy

Where to buy Viewstar Pillows.

Extra firm pillow side effects

1. Firm pillows may cause neck pain

I recommend you lie on a fluffy pillow so that it can support your neck properly. A firm pillow may cause poor neck alignment that ultimately triggers agonizing neck pain.

2. Dizziness

Extra firm pillows add too much tension to the head and neck muscles. As a result, it impedes proper blood circulation. If you wake up feeling drowsy, it may be due to sleeping on a firm or an extra-large pillow.

3. Causes shoulder pain

Firm pillows do not offer desperately-needed support to both the neck and the head. Equally, such pillows do not support the spinal cord properly. It’s not surprising that people that use firm pillows experience excruciating shoulder pain.

4. Causes jaw pain

An extra firm strains the jaw muscles especially if you remain in that position for a while. This specific problem affects side and stomach sleepers more than back sleepers. To avoid this, you should use a softer mattress and a bouncy pillow.

5. Insomnia

Here’s the dreadful part, firm pillows are known to cause sleeplessness due to the discomfort they cause. For instance, they cause undue strain on most of the body muscles. Over time, this excess pressure causes too much discomfort that in turn triggers perennial sleep loss.

Failure to resolve this may cause insomnia, especially if this continues for an extended duration. In worse cases, it exacerbates into severe sleep disorder.

Because of all this, Somnologists say that the best pillow for side sleepers needs to be bouncy. At present, you must ensure that you find out the product details the manufacturer used.

6. Hand numbness

Most side sleepers opt to keep their hands sandwiched between the head and the pillow. Unfortunately, firm pillows exert too much pressure on the hand muscles. Because of this, it impeded the proper circulation of blood throughout your hands.

That’s certainly the reason why your hand might feel numb after some time. Conversely, the hands sink nicely into a soft pillow hence posing no risk to blood circulation.

Related FAQs

1. Is there any danger in sleeping with no pillow?

Yes, there is! Sleep specialists do not recommend using a pillow for the sake of it. I can confirm that the pillow guarantees multiple benefits like:

  • Neck pain: pillows provide the support your neck requires as you lie down. A fluffy pillow will align your body to a suitable sleeping posture. As a result, it significantly lowers the risk of suffering from sharp neck pain.
  • Migraines: a pillow ensures that you assume the best possible sleeping posture during the night. Failure to do so deprives your head of the much-need, oxygen-rich blood circulation. As a consequence, you might end up experiencing an intense headache.

2. Can I depend on price to determine the quality of a pillow?

Yes, you can! In all frankness, the better a pillow is, the costlier it becomes. Good pillows cost between $25 to $1500, depending on the brand. However, that isn’t to suggest that you take a loan to purchase the priciest pillow available. Rather, it implies that you consider more factors, including the cost to buy the best pillow available.

3. I am planning to purchase the puffy pillow. Is it worth it?

Yes, it is! First and foremost, puffy pillows are incredibly affordable as they cost between $75 to $90.Impressively, the Puffy Pillow has the most eye-catching customer reviews in all aspects. It tops the list of the most comfortable, breathable, and durable pillows you’ll ever see.

4. What are the top qualities of a good pillow?

High-quality pillows will cost at least $20 or more in nearly all the stores in 2022. Therefore, it’s paramount that you know the qualities of a perfect pillow. Here are the best qualities to look out for.

  • Fabric: every customer has a right to get a product that will withstand the test of time. At the moment, I propose you go for either velvet, cotton, or linen.
  • Covers: one important aspect to keep in mind is whether the pillow covers are removable or not. The surest way to sleep soundly is to sleep on a clean pillow. For this reason, I recommend you buy a pillow with removable covers.
  • Suit your sleeping position: identify the sleeping position that makes you feel more comfortable. After that, I suggest you choose a pillow brand that is best for you. For instance, if you prefer side sleeping, Puffy pillows suit you perfectly.

5. I am thinking of buying a second-hand pillow. Are there any side effects I need to know about?

Yes, you should! For example, there’s the huge risk of buying a bedbug-infested pillow. There is no more daunting task than trying to get rid of bedbugs. You need to ask yourself why the original owner decided to see it in the first place.

Pillows are among the things you must never buy second-hand for any reason whatsoever. You are lucky as many budget-friendly pillows are in stock in many stores today.

6. My skin is too hypersensitive. Which material should I consider?

Dermatologists recommend silk pillows for hypersensitive patients. The beauty of this material is that it’s highly gentle on the skin compared to cotton. The only drawback is that this material doesn’t retain heat.

7. I want to buy a $550 pillow. Why should I choose a dealer that has a good return policy?

Please consider buying a pillow from an online dealer with a favorable return policy. I recommend you buy the pillow and sleep on it for a night before you decide to return it or not. A good return policy implies an equally good refund policy. I recommend platforms such as Amazon, eBay, or Walmart.

8. Why should I read past pillow customer reviews?

Over 85% of customers give genuine ratings and reviews. Ordinarily, the reviews entirely depend on the customers’ experience. Check out reviews on aspects such as thickness, fabric, and level of comfort. Go for a pillow with an average customer rating of 4.0 and over.

9. Can a good pillow help end my incessant sleeplessness?

Yes, it can! Bad alignment of your spine leaves the body with no choice but to seek to rectify the problem. As a consequence, your sleeping pattern is adversely affected. On account of that, we encourage you to use a pillow to position your spine properly.

Good spinal alignment enables your body to relax hence triggering sleep. Therefore, don’t be surprised if a good pillow cures your insomnia for good.

10. I suffer from level 3 sleep apnea. Should I consider buying a pillow?

Yes, you should! Good pillows align your whole body appropriately as you sleep hence triggering a good oxygen supply. Sleep specialists state that sleep apnea causes breathing difficulty, especially after one nap.

11. I prefer the side sleeping position for health reasons. Would you recommend VVZ pillows?

Yes, I would! VVZ makes their pillow from both fiber and another fluffy fabric thus making it comfy. Interestingly, these pillows tend to be highly supportive as they’re semi-firm. Are you at the risk of having a breathing problem? VVZ pillow befits you best as they’re breathable.

12. I bought a lipo bed pillow 3 weeks ago. Is it machine washable?

Yes, it is! You’re free to wash this pillow as regularly as necessary, without any fear of it getting deformed. Mark you, the manufacturer makes these pillows from microfiber material. In many instances, Lipo stuff the pillow with polyester. Here’s the fascinating part; Lipo bed pillows dry up in less than 15 minutes.

13. I heard that mzoimzo pillow is for side sleepers. What are the features of these pillows?

Sleep experts advocates for Mzoimzo pillow since they suit back, stomach, and side sleepers. These pillows have an eye-catching rectangular shape. In addition to this, Mzoimzo pillows are skin-friendly and highly hypoallergenic.

You must be aware that Mzoimzo is only available in white. Most online stores deliver them as a pack of 2 high-quality pillows. Do you now see why this is the best pillow for side sleepers?

14. I prefer thick pillows. Which pillow brand fits me best?

In all fairness, AiAngu is the thickest pillow on the market right now. I can tell that if you’ve ever seen this pillow, its plumpness must have melted your heart. Other advantages include bounciness and adjustability.


To sum it up, since 74 % of people prefer the side sleeping position, it’s good to know the right pillow to use. I can boldly vouch for all the 6 pillows discussed in this enlightening blog. What are you waiting for? Visit any online store and order the best pillow for side sleepers today.

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