Do you know about the bamboo pillows? Is it eco-friendly? Or who uses this pillow?

We are here to help you! 

Most environmentally conscious sleepers know about it. But not all of us. So, we will guide you on that in this article.

These cushion are usually created with hypoallergenic and natural items. As a result, they are cooling, breathable, adjustable, and soft cushion, having eco-friendly properties. Also, consider that every bamboo fiber is created differently. 

The Federal Trade Commission said that the bamboo textiles making process is not safe for the environment in a few cases. Also, the bamboo fibers made from the bamboo itself are listed on the “mechanically processed bamboo.” 

So, here is what you should know about the bamboo Sleepsia pillows starting from below. 

What is a bamboo pillow? 

These cushion are popular nowadays. It contains bamboo fiber cooped up with a woven outer cover made with fibers that appeared from the bamboo. These made a luxurious, comfortable, supportive pillow with a durable softcover. 

These cushion including the memory foam fill, can be shredded or solid! 

Do you know shredded memory foam is a foam torn into tiny pieces? It helps people adjust freely to their cushion’s garret as per their sleeping structure. 

100% bamboo fibers are used in the making of bamboo-derived covers. Bamboo is famous for its countless benefits over other common materials like synthetic and cotton. 

However, it also comes with a mixture of other materials that creates criss-cross material for the covers of the pillow. It can provide the best features of bamboo fabric and increase the softness of the material.

Health benefits of bamboo pillow

Nowadays, bamboos are available everywhere. Although it is grass technically, you can see them in bedding, clothing, building materials, cushion, etc. 

The online sources will tell you that these cushions are durable, soft, and breathable. They also claim that these pillows are hypoallergenic, which means there are fewer chances of getting allergic reactions like other materials. 

Therefore, not much research has been done on the health benefits of bamboo pillows. However, the bamboo fibers used in these cushions offer many benefits. And do you know that bamboo fibers are used in significant quantities for these pillows?  

These bamboo fibers appear from the hardened combination of the bamboo leaves, trunk flesh, and more. So look at the following health benefits of these pillows.

1. Bamboo candle mixture and heat

The bamboo plant fibers are vacant, and the moisture is soaked up by the holes and small gaps in the bamboo. They also come with warm air to exit. Bamboo might be the better choice to keep your head cool and dry during sleep rather than other fabrics. 

2. Soft

The fibers of bamboo are naturally anti-cling and anti-static. The fabric woven also is soft and lustrous, somewhat like cashmere or silk, and the woven fabric should also be cherished like silk or cashmere.

3. Antibacterial & hypoallergenic

You won’t believe it, but the bamboo fibers keep out bacteria’s growth, preventing the microorganisms that spread the smelly odors and cause the illness. However, a few reports say it does not contain more antibacterial powers than cotton. 

There is also proof that bamboo does not spread allergic reactions compared to other textile materials. 

4. Easy to care for

Bamboo materials are more crease-resistant than cotton materials. So, there are fewer chances of diminishing in the washing process. 

5. 100% eco friendly

Environmental studies state that bamboo has more benefits. If you compare it with the trees, you will observe that it soaks in more carbon dioxide and produces more fresh oxygen for all. 

It also grows faster than most of the plants available and is known as the fastest-growing plant globally. Even you can see that the biodegradable process of bamboo is easy and does not need much water. As a result, the rainwater is sufficient to grow the bamboo. On top of that, it does not require any pesticides like other crops. 

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Bamboo Pillow

Bamboo is available in many goods, including bolster that provide advantages to other materials. But, to be precise, no accurate reports are available comparing the bamboo pillows’ health benefits to different types. 


  • It is adjustable and breathable, making them comfortable for any sleeping position. 
  • A few bolster that come with interior zippers allow them to customize the feel of their bolster. 
  • The naturally desirable qualities are available in the fabric made with bamboo fiber. The bamboo-based fabric is fully breathable, hypoallergenic, and antimicrobial. 
  • Bamboo is fast-growing, does not need any fertilizer or pesticides, and helps restore farmland. 


  • When this pillows are made with memory foam filling, they allow off-gassing odors more than bolster made with the others. 

How to choose the best bamboo pillows?

First, imagine how you sleep! Do you use your back to sleep? Or do you use either side to sleep? Choose whatever position you want, but you can’t sleep without a proper or soft bolster. Don’t you think so? 

Therefore, you should choose these pillows as they support multiple sleeping positions. So, before moving to tips, we would like to tell you what you should consider before purchasing. 

Things to consider

These pillows come with natural materials, breathability, and adjustability. But not all pillows are made with these same qualities, and the qualities get changed as per the bamboo fabric, construction, and fill materials.

There are many bamboo bolster containing bamboo fabric on their cover only. However, the others go with the bamboo construction in the bolster fill material and the surface. The fill material affects the comfort and the performance of the bolster. Therefore, it is better to compare the other brands and their pillow qualities before buying. 

1. Fill 

These pillows offer either memory foam or bamboo fiberfill. This memory foam fill takes the form of shredded memory foam or traditional solid memory foam. Finely torn pieces are used in the making of the shredded memory foam. But, the solid memory foam can provide you more comfort and support while the shredded memory is fully adjustable and breathable. 

2. Loft 

Check out the loft that shows a tall pillow perch. The different sleepers choose different pillows for their sleep. The back sleepers want a medium loft, stomach slippers go for a low loft, and the side sleepers prefer the higher lofts. 

Many pillows come with an adjustable loft, where you can get the interior filled with the help of an internal zippered cover. They are free to add and remove the fill for customizing the loft, providing comfort for all types of sleepers. 

3. Firmness Level 

It indicates the feel of softness, and the large firmness is ideal. Most sleepers go with soft and luxurious pillows, but others go with less give. The shredded memory foam adjusts firmness by controlling the pillow shape to customize the firmness level to match your comfort. 

4. Support 

The support level is necessary and lies in the type of fill involved in these pillows. Memory foam interior provides enough support when foam molds to the shape of the sleeper’s neck and head, encouraging spinal alignment. The pillows that offer the bamboo fiberfill can also support the neck and headrest.  

5. Shape 

North America sells bamboo pillows that come with the traditional rectangular sizing compact. Therefore, you can get standard, queen, and king sizes here. On top of that, a few of the brands provide square pillow options, but these are hard to get. 

6. Pressure Relief 

Memory foam-based pillows are genuinely exceptional because they provide great pressure relief. Using this one, you can relieve pressure, tension, and body pain.

7. Moldability

It shows the flexibility or softness of a bolster. These bolster have a solid memory foam interior that contains classic observing plush and lacks moldability. However, bamboo pillows containing bamboo fiber or shredded memory foam will be easier to handle and more moldable. 

8. Quality Materials 

Bamboo fiber is a durable and long-lasting material. Also, when you think of the life of the this bolster, the control factor will be the fill. After a certain period, the memory foam and other fillings lose their supporting capacities to your head and neck. But, the case of the shredded pillows or bamboo fiber can refresh with extra fill, and it will help you increase the life of the pillow. 

9. Temperature Regulation

The pillows are neutral, hot, or cool. The temperature regulation of a single bolster lies in cover materials and the fill. It is seen that the hot sleepers go with the cool pillow to stay comfortable during the night. 

Bamboo fabric comes with excellent breathability. It combines bamboo fiberfill or shredded memory foam that encourages huge airflow than traditional solid memory. 

So, these are the things to consider to purchasing bamboo Sleepsia pillows. But, make sure that the pillow you choose is comfortable and washable. 

Best 5 Bamboo Pillows With Benefits

It wasn’t easy to choose only five out of many available options. But, our dedicated team managed to go through them, and after proper research, we have mentioned them here. So, get ready to read something you want.

1. Royal Therapy Queen Memory Foam Pillow

Royal Therapy Queen Memory Foam Pillow
Image Source → Amazon

The first one on our list is the Royal Therapy Queen Memory Foam Pillow. People who sleep on one side or backside can then use it. It is created to fit in with your body structure or shape outline and provides enough support to your head, neck, and upper back. Also, it gives the exact comfort you want for a peaceful night. 

Every sleeper can use this pillow to meet with the best spinal alignment support. The adjustable features of this pillow remove the pain that occurs through the sleeping positions. It comes with a bamboo-derived rayon cover that provides the cooling effect for sleep by vanishing heat. 


  • It helps to reduce the pain from the poor sleeping position
  • Its stylish look and design provide a comfortable feel
  • It is very durable


  • A few users say that the size of the pillow is shorter than the regular one


  • It comes with high-end textures
  • Gives a royal feel
  • It is designed to provide the right amount of comfort

Purchasing link –

2. Snuggle-Pedic Original Memory Foam Pillows

Snuggle-Pedic Original Memory Foam Pillows
Image Source → Amazon

The second one and the top bamboo overall option is a snuggle-pedic original ultra-luxury bamboo shredded memory foam combination pillow. 

A special blend of hypo-allergenic CertiPur-U.S. certified foam and V.O.C. Biogreen® memory foam is used to make this pillow. Therefore, it provides comfortable support to your head during the whole night. The high-quality shredded memory foam helps make your spine aligned, making it fit for all. 

Also, the Kool-Flow Micro-Vented Bamboo cover offers ultra-luxurious comfort to sleepers. It helps the pillow spread air throughout the pillow, prevents odors, and makes you cool. The three different sizes are available and provide a 90-day sleep trial. Also, the cherry on the cake – it comes up with a 20-years warranty. 


  • It is an excellent choice for all types of sleepers
  • It is worth buying
  • They offer the applicable warranty of 20 years, and great return policies are available
  • You can wash pillows and covers in the washing machine


  • It is too firm for first-time users


  • It comes with a unique combination of foams
  • Provides ultra-luxurious comfort to the users
  • It offers a 90 days sleep trial

Purchasing link –

3. Xtreme Comforts Adjustable Bamboo Pillow

Xtreme Comforts Adjustable Bamboo cushion
Image Source → Amazon

To help you replace the back and neck pain with ease, we have this one in our top five list of bamboo pillows. It has an inner zipper allowing sleepers to adjust the pillow thickness as per their needs. Therefore, there is no doubt that you will get the best adjustable pillow, whether you want to get a fluffy pillow or a flat pillow. 

Your neck and head get a comfortable shape in any position of your sleep. Also, it provides the proper support for the whole night to give you a quality night’s sleep. The Kool-Flow Bamboo cover makes this pillow maintain temperature control throughout the night. CertiPUR-US-certified foam is mainly used in the making.


  • The pillow does not come with TCEP flame retardants, heavy metals, lead, mercury, formaldehyde, and phthalates
  • It is fully adjustable
  • It comes with premium quality


  • Foam is distributed unequally


  • It helps to reduce the back and neck pain of the body
  • It provides a comfortable sleep during the night
  • Best for pregnancy, back & neck support
  • It has a customizer zipper that allows you to adjust the thickness

Purchasing link –

4. Cozy Earth Silk Pillow

Cozy Earth Silk cushion
Image Source → Crazy Earth

Dozers looking for a unique and luxurious pillow can choose this Cozy Earth Silk Pillow. The pillow’s fill is made with 100% long-strand mulberry silk, providing comfort to the users. Sleepers can easily mold, as it holds their shape well. 

Although expensive, it is worth buying for people who want a great option made from sourced materials. The company designed this pillow to reduce the humidity and keep you cool while sleeping at night. The air circulates over the pillow because of the bamboo cover’s 100% viscose and silk fill. The back and side sleepers can benefit from the medium loft level. 

Users with sensitive skin can use this pillow, and it does not contain harsh dyes or chemicals for their skins. The best thing about this pillow is its warranty period of 10 years and 100-night trial for you.


  • It is best for sleepers looking for a luxury option
  • Sleepers who sleep hot can choose this one
  • This bamboo pillow comes with a warranty period of 10 years
  • A 100 nights trial is available


  • It is available on the Crazy Earth website only and is pretty costly


  • It gives a soft feel
  • Best in the case of lofts for side sleepers
  • It does not involve harsh dyes or other harmful chemicals

Purchasing link –

5. Puffy Pillow

Puffy cushion
Image Source → Puffy Pillow

The shoulder and neck pain is common because of the sleeping setup or positions. But, this is not the case with the Puffy pillow! 

This pillow comes with bamboo-derived components that help you sleep coolly. However, puffy pillows’ quality improves with the fill and cover materials that come with great temperature regulation. The pillow’s core has the memory foam gel-infused shredded that distributes air fairly well and doesn’t trap heat like solid foam. 

It also offers an adjustable loft, and you can add or remove the foam as per your choice. People having a habit of adjusting pillows in the middle of the night should pick this product.

Besides that, you will get the puffy’s 101-night trial to satisfy yourself and decide whether the pillow is comfortable or not. You can get a lifetime warranty that offers defects for as long as you are the owner. On top of that, free ground shipping throughout the U.S is available.


  • Most combination sleepers and others can use this pillow
  • It is suitable for those who sleep hot on foam pillows
  • Comes with an adjustable shredded foam fill
  • It is the perfect choice for people with allergies


  • It is available in only two sizes


  • It lines up with the shoulders and neck to stabilize and release the pain
  • You will get the customizable option to adjust your comfort level
  • It is created with hypoallergenic materials, bamboo, and polyester
  • The premium CertiPUR-US certified memory foam is used to make this pillow
  • The standard and king sizes make it preferable

Purchasing link –

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cost of bamboo pillows? 

It is not so expensive to buy, and you can purchase them on online shopping sites. The price range lies between $25 to $150 for standard and queen-size pillows. But, they can be costlier than the regular pillows, and it is possible to get them at reasonable prices. 

2. How to clean your bamboo pillow? 

Most bamboo Sleepsia pillows come with shredded memory foams or bamboo fill. Therefore, these elements can be easily washable in the washing machines. You can go with the spot-cleaning for solid memory foam models, as zippered models are washable in the washing machines. It would be better if you could follow the washing instructions provided by the company. 


So, this is the end! Now, we would like to ask you a question. What do you feel about a bamboo Sleepsia pillow? Do you think it is comfortable while sleeping? 

After reading this blog, you might conclude whether you should use it or not. However, we suggest using the bamboo Sleepsia pillow according to your sleeping type.

hope this blog will help you with the ample amount of information you want. And you will select the best bamboo pillow as per your sleeping type.

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