In this blog we will guide you How To stop a razor cut from bleeding. as well as we will review 5 Home Products That Stop Bleeding From A Razor Cut.


Whether you are an expert with the blade or quite new at shaving, you will definitely get a razor cut every once in a while. It sucks when that happens! And as much as we don’t like it, we can’t really avoid it. So we have to figure out a way to stop bleeding from a razor cut when they happen.

For starters, most of us use tissue paper to stop bleeding from a razor cut. That’s how our parents and other pioneers in shaving showed us to deal with it. Today, however, this article teaches you some better, more efficient ways to stop the bleeding after a razor cut.

Let’s start by understanding the reasons shaving accidents happen. There are so many reasons! When your blade is not new, it means that it won’t be sharp. That happens due to the constant interaction with water and pressure as it ages.

As a result, the blade edges corrode causing them to become blunt and uneven. Shaving with this type of blade can feel like a serrated knife on your skin and cause coerced skin and multiple cuts.

Besides, you also have to use a certain level of pressure to achieve your desired shave result, and in return, the abrasiveness leads to cuts and damaged skin.

When using a new blade, it is important to remember to reduce the pressure. The blade is sharp enough, as such, it will do the perfect job with minimal help. If you apply too much pressure you might end up cutting yourself.

Another aspect to look at is if you are relatively new to shaving. It’s not a difficult skill to acquire, but accidents are quite common with people who are not very conversant with shaving. 

However, this is not to say, that people with stellar shaving skills never get razor cuts. They do, as these are accidents and cannot be avoided.

Why does a tiny razor cut cause such heavy bleeding?

Your face has so many blood vessels that are positioned near the surface. As such, a simple cut can cause you to bleed like crazy. When you’re using a brand new blade, or rather a very sharp one, it tends to make a super clean cut.

As a result, your platelets won’t easily seal up the surface of the cut, thus causing you to bleed more. Cuts from blunt blades are easier to seal as they have a wider surface area. As such, they also tend to bleed less.

Do this to avoid cutting yourself

The first step is to always prep your skin, and never forget to use a fresh blade. Once you start shaving, make sure to apply minimal pressure, and you have to run your blade parallel to your skin’s contour. Loosen your hand and let your blade do its job.

Also, make sure that you run your blade in the direction that your hair grows. If you are looking for a completely smooth finish, maybe you can run it in the opposite direction in a single pass after you have already shaved all the hair in the direction of the grain.

This formula should help you reduce the number of ingrown and eliminate itchiness post-shave.

It is important to realize that people have different types of skin, so whatever works for one person won’t necessarily work for the next. As such, if you realize that even after doing the above, you still get the nasty red bumps on the shaven skin, use Rescue Serum to soothe the rash and reduce its burn.

It is also likely that you will get a cut, but that shouldn’t worry you as you can easily take care of that situation. Splash some cold water on the affected area and apply styptic pencil, alum block, or antiperspirant.

These tools are made from ingredients that create some firmness in your skin. As such, applying them will help tighten your skin and prevent bleeding. If you don’t have any of the above things, you can freely use your aftershave, petroleum jelly, lip balm, mouthwash, and even eye drops.

You will be surprised to learn that they all work much better than tissue paper.

The bottom line always aspires to be gentle and avoid using a blunt blade ball means. Remember that prevention is better than cure, but since you can never avoid an accident, the above pointers will come in really handy in helping you stop the bleeding. let’s understand how to stop a razor cut from bleeding using below 5 product.

5 Home Products That Stop Bleeding From A Razor Cut

1. After Shave

how to stop a razor cut from bleeding? use After Shave

You are likely to realize that your aftershave contains alcohol, as most of them do. If so, you are lucky! Alcohol is great for first aid as it serves as an astringent. As such it shrinks your blood vessels to minimize and even stop bleeding.

Reduced bleeding results in faster clotting, which means that applying aftershave hastens the process so that you stop bleeding faster.

Besides preventing your cut from bleeding, alcohol is also a great antiseptic, thus, it’s great for infection prevention. Bacteria can find their way into your body through the tiniest cuts and go ahead to cause infection.

Applying aftershave always makes sure that you are protected from such infections.

2. Lip Balm

Lip Balm

Most men will confess that they don’t have lip balm, as it is considered an accessory for the ladies. However, we’re living in a different era and can’t judge men who stock lip balm. Lip care is a great part of self-care, and it is as important for men as it is for women.

Not convinced? Well, don’t worry. You can still use your wife’s, girlfriend’s, or sister’s lip balm to stop that bleeding. Better yet, you’ll be pleased to learn that even petroleum jelly works as well. 

Swab just a little bit of that lip balm or jelly using a tiny piece of cotton and apply it with pressure on the affected area to stop the bleeding.

3. Deodorant


Most deodorants are packed with aluminum chloride, which is a great shrinking agent for sweat glands for minimizing sweating. As such, when applied to broken skin, it can easily constrict blood vessels to trigger clotting and stop bleeding.

The best part is that you can easily access deodorant in your house whenever you need to nurse a shaving cut. You don’t necessarily have to visit the supermarket, as it is a necessity that most of us always have in stock. It’s even better because it works better than tissue and leaves a pretty neat job.

4. Ice Cube

Ice Cube in Jug

Cold is great for causing constriction. It is the same science as using an ice cube. Room temperature or hot water will not do much in helping your cut or preventing it from bleeding.

An ice cube, however, will help constrict your blood vessels, thus limiting the bleeding and increasing the speed at which clotting takes place. You will enjoy this trick and always find yourself going for the ice cube with any minor accident at all. 

5. Mouthwash


Great idea, right? Well, it’s the perfect remedy for all your shaving cuts or any tiny cuts at all. Listerine, which is a major name in mouthwash contains alcohol, as such when applied to tiny cuts, it tends to act as an astringent. Thus leading to constricted blood vessels and reduced bleeding. I know, Impressive!


Razor cuts can get really messy and icky especially if you have no clue on how to handle them effectively.

You now know how to prevent bleeding after a cut. It is now time for you to start enjoying and looking forward to your shaving time!

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