According to the Las Vegas Sun, 42 million tourists visited Las Vegas in 2019, which was right before the pandemic. Now that the worst of the pandemic seems to have passed, people are coming back out to play.

But Vegas is not usually propped up as a place for solo travel. Rather, it’s usually framed as a place to go with friends for reunions, bachelor or bachelorette parties, or even weddings.

While Vegas is certainly fun with a group, it’s still an interesting destination to enjoy solo. Most people don’t realize that by traveling solo, you have the advantage of making all the decisions. You say what you want to do, where you want to go, what time, and how much you want to spend. But there is so much to do and with so little time – you have to plan in advance. Here are six tips for enjoying Vegas by yourself:

1. Relax On A Famous Pool Deck

Vegas is known for its poolside rest and relaxation accommodations. Each hotel on the Strip is equipped with an extravagant swimming pool such as The Mandalay Bay Beach, Encore Beach Club at Wynn, or Garden of the Gods Pool at Caesars. If you get hungry or thirsty while relaxing, don’t worry – each pool has roaming servers who take food and beverage orders. You can soak up the sun and get a beautiful tan while sipping on your favorite ice-cold beverage.

2. Go Shopping

If you love to shop, you can shop till you drop! Las Vegas has some of the best shopping centers with some of the world’s most coveted fashion boutiques. The Forum Shops at Caesars or The Shops at Via Bellagio are both luxury shopping destinations. If you want some great shopping deals, visit Las Vegas Premium Outlets for the best name brands offered at discount prices.

3. Hit The Tables

Vegas is best known for gambling and the most popular game is poker. It can be a bit intimidating to sit at the tables, but if you study up on some guides to the rules of poker like general processes and terminology –– and perhaps if you practice a little bit online –– you’ll feel confident taking your seat in a Vegas casino. It may actually be better to start off playing solo, rather than in a group because you can really focus on the game and have some competitive fun.

If poker isn’t your game and you prefer something a little simpler, it can also be fun to take on a blackjack table on your own. You can enjoy the game, drink up, and chat with friendly strangers, or even the dealer.

4. Go For A Hike In Red Rock Canyon

There is more to Vegas than the Strip. Travel towards the west of Las Vegas and you will find the beautiful Red Rock Canyon. This is a perfect place for a hike through nature as there are numerous trails with natural wildlife and dramatic canyons that make for a great outdoor adventure and gorgeous photo opportunities.

5. Have A Cocktail In A Popular Lounge

Every casino has great bars and lounges. Take a break and enjoy the time by having a drink in one of the popular lounges. You can listen to music, watch a live band or just enjoy being part of the prestigious Vegas scene.

6. Meet New People

Most of the people on the Strip are tourists, so they are looking to make friends and have a good time. You can start a friendly conversation, extend your hand, or offer to buy someone a drink. This will automatically engage you in a friendship that will be the start of a fun day/evening.

Las Vegas is a city of fun and excitement, and it can be enjoyed even when traveling alone. Grab the chance to do everything you have ever wanted, like the suggestions on this list, the next time you fly solo!

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